Work Work Work

So I’ve been working all morning, and at lunch I’ve gotta go to Tejpar LLP and do some work on there network, setup a printer and have a look at a laptop. I need to start getting some more clients and see if I can start my own consulting company, I’ve decided to call it Hot Dog Consulting, it’s kind of an inside joke between myself and some friends, but I think it’s a good name for a consulting company, as good as any anyways.

This morning I woke up to the feline invader attempting to claim new territory, he/she was licking my head. My hair more specifically, she/he must have thought I needed a bath, I’m not sure but I think he is actually a she. She/he seems more squirelly that most male cats and she was cleaning me like the other female cat I had did, but who knows, I’ve gotta setup an appointment and get she/he into the vet to get checked up so we can find out if everything is okay with the feline.


~ by Mysteri0 on January 30, 2007.

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