Tiny Vessels

So I’m just chillin’ like a villain, listening to some Death Cab For Cutie and figured I’d post something mindless onto the blog. I’m still trying to find some good furniture to place into my domicile, looking at some of these crazy Brick deals, no interest till 2009 no payments till 2010 etc.. I figure I’ll need about 5 grand to furnish the living room, that includes some coffee tables, couch, love seat, possibly a chair, entertainment centre and a tv to slap on that centre. Something decent, 37 inches minimum.

I’ll have to get motivated and look around. There is no appeal for spending 5 grand on shit I’m just going to sit on. I’ve already done that once and I didn’t get anything out of the deal, damn ex-girlfriends.. But I really do need to do something about my entertainment centre situation, I need to get my coffee table back. Oh well, what do you do.


My army of the night, it is small, but it will grow!!

Oh, and I found that cheque, I’m just fuckin’ blind 😛


~ by Mysteri0 on February 1, 2007.

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