Game Night

So I’m trying to convince my buddies to start a game night, nothing super dork, no 8 hours of dice rolling D&D 3rd edition with the a dungeon masters screen and 800 reference manuals.. Wait did I just out myself?

Anyways, just an excuse to get together and hang out, play some games for a couple of hours, nothing major. I’ve found a lot of games for free, rules in pdf form that are being given away. Canvas Eagles is one, you are an Ace fighter pilot back in world war 1, all you need is a 1/72nd scale air plane and some dice. Dead of Night is another, it’s a zombie survival horror type game, everything is online, just need to print it on some card stock, cut it out and then laminate it for good measure and away you go.

It’s been interesting digging around on BoardGameGeek looking at the games and what’s avalible, some of the stuff is just priced crazy as well, really expensive for some glossy manuals and some wooden counters but what can you do?


~ by Mysteri0 on February 13, 2007.

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