Too Much Pop…

Well I’m still up so that means I’ve had too much pop, damn sugary caffeine goodness. I don’t think the beer and Chicken Fingers at Original Joe’s at 11PM helped much either but mostly I blame the pop. If I have it after 8 I have a hell of a time getting to sleep in the evenings, I just seem to stay awake.

Tomorrow I’m gonna pick up the Xbox 360 Wireless Adaptor for my Windows Vista Media PC in the living room so I can get my Mame action on, play some online Street Fighter Alpha 3 with Mame32k. I was playing DOA4 today and god damn does it feel horrible, I borrowed it from a friend and the fact that I can’t jump, and can’t seem to block just makes it 8 different kinds of suck, it just doesn’t feel natural without being able to hop over my opponent or air block that mofo. I’m gonna try me some Virtual Fighter 5 if it comes out on Xbox 360, see if that feels more natural. I’m not sure what it was with DOA4 that made it feel so horrible, it feels like it takes no skill to juggle people, just toss them in the air and throw 5 or 6 hits on them and then off the ledge they go and its game over. I think I might have been putting too much time in on Guilty Gear X2 #Reload.


~ by Mysteri0 on February 24, 2007.

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