The Great Walking Challenge of 2009…

I’ve been thinking about getting myself a dog lately.. I’m interested in a Scottish Terrier, cute little guys and they don’t get too big so they’ll fit my apartment. The problem is that I’m a lazy fucker.. 5 mile hike, I’m out.. hotdog eating contest, I’m listenin’…

So after much discussion with friends I’ve decided to set myself a challenge. Today April 16th begins my 3 month walking challenge. The stipulations are these.

  • During the week Wake up at 7AM, Dress and go for a half an hour walk minimum.
  • Arrive home from work at 6PM, go for a half an hour walk minimum.
  • Maintain the same schedule of walking on the weekends (Saturday & Sunday) times are flexible.
  • By July 16th lose 15 pounds walking.

If I can maintain this schedule, I’ll start looking more into getting myself a dog. I’m going to document on the blog how everything is going, I’m going to take my digital camera with me and try and get some interesting photos during the walks.

I’m hoping that I’ll eventually start bumping up the length of the walk naturally without any pressure from anyone else, but we’ll see. I know for a fact that getting up in the morning is going to be tough as hell, I’m a horrible horrible morning person and I stay up too late at night so I’ve gotta work on getting into bed earlier and getting to sleep, hopefully the exercise from the walks will help with that.


~ by Mysteri0 on April 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “The Great Walking Challenge of 2009…”

  1. It’s on! Now, once this is going we can work on changing that emo-tacular blog name…

    • It’s emo-tacular for a reason son, It’s never going to change! I’m a broken down poet warrior vagabond! Nobody knows the troubles I’ve known! 😉

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