Busy Day… Followed By A Busy Weekend..

So today is going to get a little busy. Had to start work early because I’m heading to Calgary in the evening to see Doug Stanhope at the Distillery so that should be a good time. I’ve also gotta go to the UofA at noon to grab my friend from the day surgery ward, he’s having some screws taken out of his leg and we’re short staffed at the office and I went to sleep at 1:30ish last night so on top of all that I’m a little tired.. Yeah, it’s going to be a busy day… and probably end up being a busy weekend..

I’ve gotta go see my mom on Sunday, my sister was harrasing me about coming over for dinner so I’ve gotta go 😛

Also, god damnit this room is cold.. I’m in the ‘IT Office’ at Tawa, IT & Barium Storage closet would be more accurate. It’s freezing (probably because of the stupid barium) and there is no phone so I have to Skype the backdoor numbers to call people in the office..


~ by Mysteri0 on July 23, 2010.

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