Oh man…

Sifu has decided that we need more cardio and to do some weight training so we’ve started going to Millennium on Mondays for class. So last night was the first session and I almost puked on the stair machine, I managed to do a total of 30 minutes but I stopped at least 8 times and then I had to stop before the full forty minutes because I was going to puke.

We did some weight training, used the pull up machine and did some ab work, my left arm is killing me today, I have to force it to extend fully because it’s really sore. No class for the next 2 days so hopefully I’ll be okay by Thursday, but we’re doing Arm Blaster and Sticky Hands training this month so my arms will probably be ready to fall off by the end of the week.


~ by Mysteri0 on August 3, 2010.

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