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So I’m sitting at home, its 130 on a Sunday, I don’t have any laundry to do and I don’t have any other house work to worry about, the perfect day to do something.

But everyone is busy or sick, so I’m stuck at home trying to find something to keep me from passing out from boredom….

Its going to be one of those days I think……


My Poor Arms..

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Man, my arms are still just killing me today.. The left arm isn’t as bad as it was yesterday but now the right arm has started to get sore.. Tomorrow we’re doing arm blaster so I’m not looking forward to it, my arms are probably going to fall off on the weekend..

Oh man…

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Sifu has decided that we need more cardio and to do some weight training so we’ve started going to Millennium on Mondays for class. So last night was the first session and I almost puked on the stair machine, I managed to do a total of 30 minutes but I stopped at least 8 times and then I had to stop before the full forty minutes because I was going to puke.

We did some weight training, used the pull up machine and did some ab work, my left arm is killing me today, I have to force it to extend fully because it’s really sore. No class for the next 2 days so hopefully I’ll be okay by Thursday, but we’re doing Arm Blaster and Sticky Hands training this month so my arms will probably be ready to fall off by the end of the week.


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Ugh, so I guess since about 6:30 last night my phone hasn’t been getting text messages or voice calls. I was still able to get blackberry messages and emails so I didn’t realize anything was wrong.

I woke up this morning and went to the mall, got home sat around and watched some TV from last night and then checked my phone because I was expecting a call, I tried to place a call and the call failed, so I called my voice mail and it failed as well.. Son of a.. I pulled the battery and the SIM and I got a bunch of txt messages and two voice mails.

Technology is my super power and my achilles heel…

At the mall…….

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Well its the weekend finally, this week has been pretty busy at work but its a long weekend so it should be nice and relaxing.

I’m at the mall at the moment to get a haircut and pickup some new clothes and get a picture for my citizenship application.

Once I’m done here I’m supposed to be going to the beach with one of the ladies from work and her kids, just waiting on her to give me a call so it should be a fun day.

So Sunburnt….

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Today it was a half day at work. After lunch it was the company golf tournament. We went to Sturgeon Golf course just outside of St. Albert, it’s a nice course not too difficult. I’ve only played it twice and that’s the total number of times I’ve played golf..

What I didn’t do was put on some sunscreen. I got burnt all to hell, it’s already getting sore so it’ll be pretty tender tomorrow so yay for that..

Stanhope Was Great…..

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So Stanhope was good, he was trying out some new material it seemed, its all good stuff and should be great on his next cd.

We got sauced and stumbled back to my friends apartment, grabbed some pizza on the way it was pretty good.

It was a good night but we ended up getting up way to early, 8am is nonsense after a night of drinking.