•February 17, 2011 • 1 Comment

Well I haven’t blogged for awhile.. Been busy doing the same old same old..

Still going to Kung Fit.. still floating around 245 – 250 but things are getting easier so I’m getting stronger just not cutting much of the weight, it does dip about 2 pounds after the workout..

Reading still, just finished The Accidental Billionaires which is an interesting read . Started it after watching The Social Network.. Reading In Fifty Years We’ll All Be Chicks by Adam Carolla on my new Kindle. It’s a pretty decent comedy book so far, I’m about half finished..

I haven’t really been playing much in the video game department.. I bought Magicka and played about 15 minutes of it, not because it’s bad, far from it, my game ADD just seems to be in full effect.. I’ve been chugging through Dead Space 1 because I wanted to try Dead Space 2 because it’s a great game, but I’ve only been playing Dead Space 1 in like 45 minute chunks and I just get bored for no real reason as far as I can tell.. Same thing happens with Halo: Reach and CoD: Black Ops.. Just not that interested in them..


Its Thursday……..

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I haven’t posted in awhile, been busy with work and with Kung Fit. I’m now down to 247 and that dropped to 245 after our cardio on Wednesday so its still coming off.

This weekend is going to be a bit of a write off, my mom is getting married and one of my best friends is turning 30, so its going to be heavy on the drink….. I just hope that Monday at the gym doesn’t kill me.

Testing out Android

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So I’m trying out Android on my roommates old phone to see if its something I’d like using instead of my blackberry. So far it seems to be working okay and this is just 1.5, not 2.2.

The Stair Machine….

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So both times this week I’ve managed to walk the full 40 minutes on the Stair Machine, it’s 60 steps a minute for a total 144 floors when I’m done. I think next week I’m going to bump it to 65 steps a minute, have to keep pushing.. I’ve also cracked 250, I’m down to 248 with my shoes on so I’m probably 247/246 with them off so I’m getting some progress..

Yet Again With The Cardio..

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So It’s back to the gym today.. My lower back is really stiff today, hopefully it’ll loosen up some when I’m working out and won’t cause me any problems..

More stairs, jogging and weights tonight hopefully I’ll get a good sleep tonight. I’ve been waking up about an hour before my alarm goes off, twice so far this week. I’ve been managing to get back to sleep but what can you do..

The Day After….

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Well my arms weren’t sore at all today, so that’s good. More cardio tomorrow, more weight training as well..

Its Monday and the Stair Machine Hates Me……..

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So today was another day of cardio and the stair machine is my nemesis, its trying to kill me one step at a time……

I did the full 40 minutes on the damn thing, I kept taking breaks and at 30 I got off and had to be screamed at to get back on… But I did get back on and finished the 10 minutes without stopping, so hopefully it’ll start to get easier with time. The only redeeming thing about the stairs is they just suck the calories out of you, I did almost double in 10 minutes on the stairs as I did for jogging for 20 minutes.

I’m going to be doing it twice a week with regular Kung Fit class on Friday.